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Hiccup, my favorite Hulu show: Three Sheets!

That ‘Hiccup’ thing in the title is kind of corny. Hulu is like the American Apparel of TV isn’t it kind of? Hipster Voice: “Oh dude, I love Hulu. It’s just so much better compared to like TV or like cable or whatever. I hate TV.” I’m like a little guilty of that statement right there myself man. Anyway, yeah man, I don’t even know how I found this show, Three Sheets, but I’m quite a fan. And maybe a little jealous of this guy’s ‘job’, ha. Quick gist: Zane Lamprey travels around to different cities, towns, etc all around the world to immerse himself in their local drinks and drinking culture. At first I thought he had kind of a corny vibe - but he’s actually quite funny after you’ve watched a couple, he’s got good snaps - kind of the perfect guy for a show like this. Yeah, not too much more to detail on this one - informative, funny, entertaining. I like how its shot/produced as well - like, one camera guy, super simple, etc. Perfect to waste a Sunday away on. I’m watching the Scotland one right now. ***I love how in this one he makes fun of the fact the Camera is already in the place he’s walking into. Always super corny when they do that on ‘reality’ shows.