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Hello MOTO Q!

I’m sorry but, damn…wow. This thing is pure lava. Ha, for real. Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I am 100% addicted to the whole smart-phone lifestyle. And yes, it’s a lifestyle. Checking your email every 11 seconds, constantly reading Page Six, CNN, Wired, etc. while driving, pumping gas, out to dinner, at the bar with friends, showering, hang gliding, scuba diving, etc…well, maybe not all those, but for real, I am addicted… So the Treo is cool, but its certainly time for an update. Enter this beautiful piece from Motorola modeled after their ever popular RAZR. The Q…perfect. There are a bunch of different sites with pictures and info, but check the one below. To anyone who knows anyone who can help THE BRILLIANCE get an early hook-up with this phone…please let us know! And yeah, I posted this before…