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Hedi Slimane’s photo diary!

I think Virgil posted a link to Hedi’s site a while back when he left Dior Homme…but I want to highlight the diary piece of his site, or photo diary, specifically. Hedi, for me, is one of those really amazing sources of inspiration for overall aesthetic…like ‘life aesthetic’ you know? The whole package. Yeah, when he was at Dior Homme he created some pretty much revolutionary concepts in both look as well as construction/cuts for mens fashion. That’s undisputed. But his art direction of the photo shoots, the architecture and interior design of the retail stores, the hang tags, the models, etc…and now the furniture and gallery projects he’s doing…that’s the whole package he creates. An entire image. All encompassing. And never, ever, using color…just black and white. Amazing stuff. His style is really 1 of 1…it doesn’t remind me of anything and its pretty unmistakable. So while we all wait to see what his own line will look like, waste some time on his amazing photo diary. It’s almost like its a direct view into what inspires him. People, textures, things, light, scenes, etc. Great stuff. And good ‘web design’ as well, hits that minimal mark perfectly without being annoying.