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Have you ever taken a “45 minute vacation?” I just did!

Alright…so I got a bit of the winter blues going on. We’ve gotten just slammed by winter this year…like 3-4 snow storms already, super low temps for a week at a time, and its only mid January! I guess I complain about this every year, but this year just seems to be bugging me more than usual. And I have a headache today. So I decided to take what I’m now calling a “45 minute vacation.” I’m kind of creating a list of things you can do to refresh and renew a bit when old man winter puts his cigarette out in your drink. We’re lucky enough to have a really great conservatory/botanical garden here in Grand Rapids, the Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Conservatories, as I detailed in a post a while ago, just blow my mind. A whole mini rainforest inside a beautiful glass building…you know? So today I headed over during lunch to stroll around, enjoy humid air, smell some fresh plants/flowers, listen to the waterfalls, and even get some work done on a new project I was stressing about. As you can imagine, its the middle of the day, and very few people were there…even better. It seriously felt like a tiny vacation. Check out the photos I took!! So…the question is, does anyone else have a “45 minute vacation” recommendation or idea for me? Hit us up,