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GTA IV+XBOX 360. Ssssiiiiiicccckk.

I grew up loving video games. Most kids do. Obviously all the Mario games were a staple, I loved Street Fighter, NBA Jam, etc…then I slowly phased out of being that interested in them for quite a while. Played some MarioKart 64 at friend’s houses and whatnot, but they just weren’t that interesting to me. Skip ahead to more recent years…Halo, Guitar Hero, Smash Bros., and of course Grand Theft Auto. It’s actually pretty impossible not to get sucked into at least one of these games (or any of the hundreds of others out there) at some point and easily get hooked. Now, I really have to give a huge thanks to Adam from Cornerstone in NY for something…a few weeks back he got in touch with me asking if I’d be interested in getting a Grand Theft Auto IV Limited Edition XBOX360 Elite…whoa… Why I was lucky enough to be chosen for one of these is still beyond me but I’m not complaining. See pictures here on our Flickr. I have to admit, I got the Xbox and it came at the busiest time I’ve had all year with work. So there it sat for a week and a half before I unboxed it. Shameful, I know, but worth the wait. So onto Grand Theft Auto IV. While I absolutely cannot endorse running over/shooting/killing/punching citizens, strangers, enemies, friends, and officers in real life, I absolutely can for this game. Ha…seriously, it’s hard not to get lost in this game by ditching the missions and seeing how pissed off you can make the cops. Anyways, I was emailing Ben about this last week to basically say I could not believe the amount of detail and thought that went into creating this game. It’s amazing the level of artistry and detail in it. If you’ve played it or watched someone play it you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s obvious why almost every review site and magazine has given this game a perfect 10… The online multiplayer is super fun too. Anyways, that’s my video game post. Catch me on XBOX Live - chhhuuuck.