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Monday, back at it, kind of. We get a fair amount of emails…and sorry to say, but most of them are kind of corny. Lots of sneaker stuff, ‘fashion’ stuff, etc…but we got an email yesterday that kind of blew me away. Anson from Gridlove hit us up about his new product, Gridlove, and how he did a Gridlove x The Brilliance thing for us. Wow. I’m still not explaining the service as well as I’d like, but it’s a beautiful example of creativity and new technology smashed together. Anson likens it to a game of Dominos…users are collaboratively placing images next to other images that have some inherent commonality. It’s one of those things one the web that can become highly addictive. I see it applying to a bunch of pictures all your friends took at a party last night, to a modeling agency using it to organically find similarities in pictures while viewing them all at once…or, honestly, whatever the end user can come up with. This is one of those open ended web-things that kind of takes a life of its own…wild stuff. Yeah, so many thanks to Anson. Check the one he did for the brilliance at the link below, then explore his site a bit to learn more on how it works. Web 2.0 at it’s finest.