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Green Label Art!!!

Last November I got an email from Hawaii Mike Salman over at Seed Communications about participating in a project for this new Mountain Dew campaign coming out Summer 2007. I was like, let’s DEW it! ...................... Anyways…... Just from a behind the scenes perspective, Mike, Nat (ASF), and all the crew over at Seed are really great people to work with. So open minded, patient, and cool…really - so much respect to send their way. So this new project launched this past week - Green Label Art. Basically this is Mountain Dew’s new program launched with 12 limited-run designs of aluminum bottles created by a slew of incredible artists and designers. The site is really fresh…Full of videos from the participating artists, galleries of their work and their bottle designs, and much more. “We wanted to show who these artists are, the events and things going on around the launch, and the other side of that is the contest, the design your own bottle campaign,” said Mike Salman. Which brings me to this next part - this crazy contest they’re holding. Basically go over to the site and click on ‘Contest’ up top. If you’re an artist, designer, or just dabble in Microsoft Paint, you’ve got until June 30th to create a bottle design to enter in this contest. If you win, you get $10,000. Seriously. That’s an incredibly awesome prize… That’s $10K…cash. To you. Not some lame $10,000 to the charity of your choice…YOU get this money to spend however you want. That was horrible of me to say. But yeah…Check it out. Some of the artists include Jeff Staple, Chris Pastras & Paul Rodriguez, Methamphibian, Dr. Revolt, Adam Juresko, and more. Very cool…