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Goyard Picnic!

Goyard is doing things. Good, wild and interesting things. The latest issue of Surface magazine has a short little feature about a ‘project’ Goyard did taking all-things low-brow and making them posh. It’s all about the jux, and I’ve been saying this! Skateboards, a George Foreman Grill, a mini-bike, those parade fold out chairs, etc…all in their brilliant 3d monogram pattern. It’s pretty humors. All the makings of a picnic in the south of France…or for a corny video shoot as soon as Trina finds out Goyard is ‘for them rich people.’ Zing. I can’t say I would purchase any of this…in fact, I don’t know if it is even up for purchase. Either way, interesting and cool to look at…I wonder who the designer is behind the latest Goyard stuff? Thanks to Vinz on this one.