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Goyard, again!!!

SO. I’m cruisin’ the e-streets of eBay lookin’ for a purse like I usually do…And I stumbled on these two Goyard purses that, if I was a girl, I would probably shell out the money for and buy. You’ll see the Married To The Mob chicks with these purses, Alex from Neverstop with some Goyard stuff, Henry from ESPN Mag with some Goyard.. So…anyways, check the link below to see some hand-crafted Goyard on eBay, a rare occurance. It’s not cheap though…If you have any Goyard stuff for guys, like a wallet, and you want to sell it, email me because I might want to buy it. Seriously. I can’t get anything here in Chicago. Update - Thanks to Bobby for sending me the link to the Barney’s site and the Goyard section - quite a bit of stuff on here actually. Goyard on Barney’s. Nice!