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Gosh, I love Scrabble…

I am going to be very disappointed if I don’t get some good emails from people after this post. There had better be a few of you that are really, really into Scrabble as much as I am… you qualify if you recognize these words: Ai, Qintar, Xu, Zax, Yin, Vum, Hm, Mm, Sh, Jo, Qat, Qoph, Mbaqangas…Ok, so that last one I had to look up in my hardcover Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, but I honestly know the others…If you recognize Qwerty as a legit word, you also qualify. Or if you would consider G.I. Joel or Joe Edley to be gods among men…anyways, Scrabble is one of my guilty pleasures. Actually, not so guilty…I really enjoy playing Scrabble, and pretty competitively at that. I play frequently online (ISC - you’ll get addicted) and as frequently in real life as I can find someone to play with me. This is super nerdy, probably my geekiest post to date…I usually leave those ones up to Ben, but I take the cake this week with this one…Tonight I was playing my fiance Holly…she went first and put down WINGS, or maybe it was FLAGS…either way, I somehow drew both blank tiles in my first 7 and used the G in her word to build SMUGGLER onto, for 68 points off the bat. I was like BAM - in your FACE. Anyways, this is a big long post about me playing Scrabble…as Ben says, ‘who cares?!’ But really, it’s a conversation starter. You either get really into Scrabble, or just play it when your aunt busts it out at the family Christmas party. If you’re interested at all, I would strongly recommend getting Stefan Fatsis’ book Word Freak and checking out the movie Word Wars - Tiles and Tribulations on the Scrabble Game Circuit. Tiles and tribulation. Ehhhh…Ha…wow. Next stop: Dungeons and Dragons.