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Gordon Gecko x Situationormal

Look. I’ve kind of said this be before…I can’t really get into the whole ‘yo, I’m doing a t-shirt line…’ thing. Not hating, I’ve just been rocking a lot of merino lately. Can’t get mad at that. But Chuck forwarded me a link to this Situationormal site cause they carry aNYthing. What-up A-ron. So I’m checking their in-store line. Qutie impressed. As I’ve stated before I like ‘boring’ or very simple design that speaks loudly. Their stuff is fresh. That Gordon Gecko shirt?! I love that thing. Kind of shirt that looks better the older it gets. They have a couple other classic and some nice creepy ones too. So yeah…I’m giving them some shine. Go there and grab some of the latest aNYthing product as well as some of their own line. Good prices too. I had taco’s and a Coors Light at my sisters place for dinner.