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Google Earth!...and just Google in general!

These guys… Who knew they would change the way we viewed the internet (literally) and would have a stock price over $300?! Ridiculous, congrats to these guys…they represent the new economy and the new way business will run. Any damn way, Google Earth is incredible. When I was first reading about it I didn’t fully grasp what it could do…but after reading Wired Magazine’s write up on it I have officially changed my mind. It will truly be the conduit between the internet world and the physical world. Now that is some corny sci-fi type stuff, but for real. Basically it’s Google Maps in an international format spread across a true-to-size 3d globe. But this time you can import Excel documents with addresses and various other custom bits of information that can be both displayed and shared with other users in real-time. Crazy stuff like real time charts of where buses are, where flights are, etc. Too wild. So yeah, that’s the nerd post for the day. Or the week.