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Google BlogSearch!!

I won’t lie. I like to read things about myself. After I spoke in New York a few weeks ago at SemiPermanent, I came home and spent a lot of time looking for reviews of the event and the speakers, hoping to find good writeups on my own. Especially since it was my first time public speaking. I don’t think you can blame me for that though, you know? I just wanted to see what people thought. I found some things here and there, mostly on the news sites, but what I really wanted was to know what people who attended it thought. The crowd. My fans…Ha…kidding. But I didn’t know how to really find that. All the blogs have weak search tools if you ask me, and a few days later I found this Google BlogSearch. I think it’s pretty new but if it’s not, so what. It’s fresh…Google is good. And great. Good and great. So anyways, this is a really powerful search that lets you search, specifically, people’s personal blogs. Want to see if someone is whining about how big of an ass you are because you dumped their friend and now it’s on their Livejournal? Google makes that possible. Need to know if somebody thinks your portfolio website is good or if it looks like absolute steaming hot garbage? Google BlogSearch. Yes, these are the best reasons I can think of for Google BlogSearch. But whatever. Check it out.