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Going to the movies…by yourself!

Ha…only on THE BRILLIANCE…random posts for real. So it was Monday afternoon and I had a long weekend, not a lot of sleep, too many drinks, too much fun, etc. So I wanted to chill a bit, but if I watch a flick at home I instantly fall asleep, you know? Seriously…I can hardly watch TV without falling asleep. So I figured I’d catch a flick, without the crew, just myself. Never done that before. The results: I plan on doing it way more often. Yeah…I’m not too cool to say it didn’t feel a bit weird sitting there by myself as all the mall-rat type dudes in puffy-ass skate shoes came in with their like-minded significant others and acted all loud in the theatre…but man, I got a bit more immersed in the movie than I usually do. Didn’t have anyone to turn next to like ‘yo, Brad Pitt always has huge collars on his shirts!’…just enjoyed the movie without distractions. I didn’t even bring my Blackberry! So yeah, if you haven’t before…go catch a movie by yourself. And the feature I saw was Ocean’s Thirteen – loved it…ch-ch-ch-check the reviews at the site below (ha, you know the deal).