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Godfathers never die!

The thing about James Brown that was so amazing is that you can pinpoint his impact on music, without any sort of question at all. He’s one guy that people would literally steal his style or blatantly pay tribute and it was all together accepted. From a djing perspective the catalog of James Brown works in every djing arena there is, from Hip Hop kids to grown folks. I can’t count how many times those snares, rhythms and lyrics saved me. I was fortunate to play with Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown’s drummer for whom the term “funky drummer” came from. The stories he told were almost unbelievable. James Brown had depth as a person and musician and will be missed in his passing. Thankfully his music will last generations. Last Christmas I gave my Dad a James Brown performance DVD and just watching that in the living room had the family dancing. Pick any one of them up, you won’t be disappointed. Check out this Giles Peterson mix for a soulful work day on a much less glamorous keyboard.