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Gifpop!! Physical, actual GIFs you can hold. Like, in your hand.

This is the epitome of the internet coming full circle, off the screen and into the real world and in such a cool, simple way. From the (successfully funded) Gifpop Kickstarter page: “Gifpop is a tool to make custom cards from animated gifs, using the magic of lenticular printing.” Lenticular printing, the same lenticular printing that has been used for years on the sides of plastic souvenir cups at events, on sports cards, on hokey bus shelter ads and really anything else you can think of. GIFs, the same gifs that have been practically a part of the internet since the internet existed… but put the two together and it’s something new entirely in concept. Holding a favorite gif in the palm of your hand, something to collect, to give to a friend, to use as a giveaway for artists or bands or designers or brands or whoever - honestly, so perfectly simple. Plus, I love that they’re working with two of the absolute best gif artists around and equally cool dudes, Mr Div and Davidope, guys I’ve followed for a while now and I love to see their craft moving to a physical product. And make no mistakes, gifs are a craft now and certainly even making moves into a more accepted form of fine art. Emailing with Benjamin about this and another awesome gif artist, Zack Dougherty, Benjamin said “THIS is what I want to see in art museums right now.” Couldn’t agree more. Go check out the Gifpop kickstarter if you want to contribute, although its been 3x successfully funded which is really great for a creative project like this. The project was conceived by 2 designers/programmers named Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang and we wish them nothing but success with this. #VERY #VERY #VERY #INTERNET