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Ghostface, Kilo is a…

I had no choice…I had to post it. The School House Rocks / Sesame Street beat…what can you say. I’m just happy Juelz Santana didn’t get his hands on this beat first. Ghost’s flow is really on-point right now…feels fun again. More creative or something. What’s going on over at Def Jam? Who did this beat? It’s so perfect. It’ll be in my car tomorrow for sure. I’m typing this in like cut-up sentences. Not sure why…maybe cause it’s 1:37 AM. Rae’s verse was…ok. I could try and write something funny or clever here…but I’ll just give the link. Ghostface is in my top 3. THE BRILLIANCE! Loves Ghostface Killah, G-Deni, Tony Starks, and Iron Man…He seen it like a Zenith. …dedicated dealers, during holidays we give them lighters…