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Getting things done!!

We got an email from Dallas of WORLD in NYC telling us about the shop they opened recently at 187 Chrystie Street between Stanton and Rivington. Here’s their site - WORLD. It’s a small spot, just 300 square feet, but they’re doing their thing, trying to make it happen. Now, usually we don’t post up about stores and streetwear and stuff that much, we leave that to Hypebeast. But this email got me thinking about being inspired to start things, to do something, to get up everyday and think of the new day as an opportunity - not just as another boring ‘whatever’ day. Got me thinking about how good I feel when I get really productive with my work and what it must be like for guys trying to open their own boutiques or online stores or galleries or whatever in our amazing creative community. As much as we mock and throw little funny jabs at all the Street X Wear X Colla X Bor X Ations sometimes, on the other hand it’s really good to see young companies and young kids doing their thing, really making something happen. So much better than being out on the street or looking for some crappy night-shift job or laying around playing video games in mom and dad’s basement all day in a bean bag chair with tapered sweatpants on, eating fritos and drinking mountain dew. I’m all about being creative and having fun - so even though me and Ben and Virgil get a good laugh everytime someone emails us and says “Hey check out my new shirt company it’s called Bozworth Chomp$alot NYC we’re doing something totally different and groundbreaking. The first shirt has Wu-Tang Clan inspired stuff on it and the other shirt has a boombox with a gun!”, at least it’s something, right? Not that I encourage market saturation and things getting watered down, but better to be busy than bored. SO. Anyways.