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GAP Jeans, You Punks!

Dood, OMG, these aren’t limited edition!! WTF? Man, GAP jeans are el perfecto this season. Honestly. The website makes them look sub-par. And usually GAP is sub-par. But I just so happened to be in my local GAP not too long ago…I was impressed. They must have taken some queues from the ever popular Japanese brands (Eternal, LVC, etc.) Honestly, they are really nice…perfect colors, ‘3D’ distressing and wrinkling and all that. And I am snobby, for real, I rock the Japanese LVC stuff. So yeah…no selvedge, no crazy price tags, no logos, no limited editions, they don’t show up on eBay really…just regular-ass, any-one-can-get-them denim jeans. Go to the store though, the website makes them look terrible/boring.