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Futura Nosferatu - soon!

OK so let me just say - Futura is one of my favorites. I think he’s a lot of people’s favorites. A nice guy, a living legend, and a very admirable and influential artist. The Pointman figures are always hot - they fly off KidRobot shelves and online toy stores, and pre-orders are no exception. Enter the Futura Nosferatu. A sick new figure coming out very soon in mid-May. Here’s a rundown:

8 Colors of Nosferatu will be produced - 400 in each colorway - Each territory region will receive a specific colorway. Eric So will retain an HK version while Maharishi will retain a Euro version. MSRP is $120.00 USD. 360 Toy Group is putting this out so you KNOW it’s going to be quality, since they’ve worked with KAWS, ALife, etc. There is info all over the net about this so I’ll just link to my favorite, Toy Tokyo, where you can pre-order if you move fast enough.