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Friday Randoms!!

•One of the best things was uploaded to the internet this past week by BRILLIANCE favorite Keelayjams and it’s this video
•It’s not new, but Bootleg Bart is a Friday time killing must-see if you aren’t already familliar
•I love the portfolio of Chris Golden
•These photos of Rutile crystals found in quarries in Germany are amazing to look at. I’m obsessed with them.
•I like this
•13thWitness killing it as usual
•I feel like Google is overtaking Apple in terms of memorable commercials. Every time I see a Google Chrome commercial on tv or online I don’t rush to skip it or open another tab and wait for it to play out so I can watch whatever YouTube video I’m really waiting on. They’ve done such a good job recently of making spots that connect with you, that are emotional, that are fun, but always super simple and easy. Actually it’s been a while since Apple really, really inspired us I feel like. Virgil’s post a few back about iTunes is true, especially the part about a downward spiral since Jobs passed. Feels like the Post-Jobs-era Apple is searching for identity and inspiration still. It’ll come…
•Unless you’re a web designer and your site is part of your portfolio, you don’t need anything fancy…I feel like a big chunk of artists & designers on the web are really starting to grasp this. Photographers on the other hand…Seinfeld voice what’s the deal with still using Flash for your sites!!?!?
•Have a good Friday. Read THE BRILLIANCE. Tell your friends. Enjoy this GIF.