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Fresh & Proper Food!

Yeah NYC has a leg up on Chicago in the bodega department. Like $2 egg and cheese sandwiches from behind the same counter kids peddle cigarettes seems like a perfect way to start an urban day. Anyway, Chicago we don’t have the luxury…but we have this new Milk and Honey Café that just opened up around the corner and has THE BEST breakfast sandwich I have EVER had. Bacon, egg, cheddar, tomato & chipotle aioli on awesome fresh bread, all panini grilled up. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and just like 20 mins ago it took serious restraint not to stop in. There was even an open parking spot right in front. So yeah, Milk and Honey, the cool logo and white interior trumps a bodega interior, but that’s what the extra 3 bucks must be paying for. Umm.