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Fresh artists for 2007!!!

Happy new year! I always feel so refreshed in the beginning of a new year. Just feel like I can start things with a clean slate, change things up, take new approaches to work and life, etc… Anyways, I’m back to my posts about artists I love, and who better to start with than photographer Kalle Gustafsson. I mean, wow… truly a forward-thinking photographer. Kalle’s work really is just beautiful. The coloration of the photos, the classic, vintage feel, and for the life of me I cannot get over the first photo in the ‘travel’ section. Not much more I can say - you need to just look at the work for yourself and be wowed…Next up is Marco Cibola. Marco is a super nice guy first off - I met him last year in Toronto at Magic Pony Gallery…I’ve always loved his linework and portrait drawings, but lately I’ve been very intrigued by the patterns and colors he’s using as fills inside his work. The piece for TIME is just awesome - specifically #2 ‘Japan Takes Flight’. I love that…and the Arkitip stuff of course too. Really, all of it is great…Next up - and you’ve certainly seen his work before - Stanley Donwood. Stanley does a lot of the album art for Radiohead and most recently did the work for Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser”. He has some gorgeous prints available on his shop. The work he did for the ‘Hail to the Thief’ cover is one of my favorites…Lastly but totally not leastly (?), I’ve gotta give some love to my good friend Nigel Dennis of ElectricHeat. Nigel has been doing some of his best work lately in my opinion, and he’s sure to knock out even more awesome stuff this new year…look out for some collaborations between me and him too…Alright - that’s my little list for today. Preettttty, prettyy, preetttyyy…...pretty good.