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Free SkypeOut!

This is kind of a big deal. Free SkypeOut within the states (and Canada, no?) till the end of the year. Having just been in Europe, Skype has kind of been on my mind…hot topic for sure with the international travelers (I’m a rookie!). It’s funny cause I don’t really use Skype much personally, not much at all in fact. But it’s funny how they are kind of poised to render even cell-phones obsolete to a certain degree you know? I mean, for example, if you live in a super populated city, or say you live in SF where they are doing the free wifi or whatever all over the city…or even if you had to pay for it – whatever, why would you need a cell phone if you could just get a little PDA with built in wifi and have Skype installed on it?! I mean, seriously. Plus they are making SD cards that are exactly the same size as any other SD card but they have a full wireless card built into them. Gives you an idea of how small or maybe just embedded these new communication devices could be. Also, we all get previews of these amazing cellphones right? Moto Q, Benq, etc…they take forever to come out right? That would quite certainly be a thing of the past if manufactures started making Skype phones…its just a wifi chip, no long FCC or service carrier exclusivity or anything you know? Uhh…this post was long, I love Skype, I think it’s a super serious application, service or whatever. That’s my post…I am at Divani eating that chicken flat-bread…and an Ephemere. And that’s my post.