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Free Knowledge, Have Some!!

I for one, I don’t have a degree in marketing or advertising but sometimes I “feel it in my gut”. My friends and I always have our 2 cents as to why that commercial is weak and I can readily pick up on that sense when “the man” is trying to selling me something. I swear getting an MBA is gonna be free as long as you have an internet connection and these professionals keep giving up their insider tips. There’s tons of great resources online. I am all about the podcasts these days. For starters, check out “What the Year’s Top Marketers Are Doing Right”, 5th from the bottom. For some one like me who has no background in this realm its real exciting to build up a knowledge in this field because it changes the way you aimlessly wonder. So many of us kids have these sidehustles and this independent frame of mind that we can’t solely rely on the internet as the only marketing tool and think we are gonna hit it big BIG. (hint, hint) Instead of listening to music I have been scrolling through these informative podcasts while working…the old two birds, one stone trick…