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Frank M. Ahearn, How to Disappear.

I left off the ‘!’ to make it more scary, serious and looming…ha. Seriously though this stuff is nuts. I was reading that GQ with Will Farrell on the cover and they had this whole feature on taking extended vacations – and ‘kind of’ disappearing…giving yourself the feeling that you have disappeared from your ‘regular ass’ life. They also had a little 2 page (I think) write-up on a guy named Frank M. Ahearn who used to specialize in tracking people down…but now offers a consultancy service to do just the opposite. Help people completely, COMPLETELY disappear. Seriously, so interesting. He sells a little CD type thing…kind of like a do-it-yourself Catch Me If You Can setup…but he also offers his services in a more hands on manner. The article itself is pretty interesting stuff. I would love to sit down with him and hear stories about his clients – supposedly there are over 20 he has helped. Yeah, wild stuff. I bet he could make a movie about himself…honestly. Check the article and his site at the link below. ***Hard to find a picture about disappearing…I guess I would head somewhere tropical if I was in the position vanish.