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Fortune and Jay!

They spent ‘several weeks’ with the dude. Kind of wild. Yeah, if you’re looking for a time killer this is it, long and very in-depth article about Jay-Z as a corporate 9 to 5er. They follow him in London, NYC, Vegas and every little boardroom idiosyncrasy in-between. I post about Jay often. It’s simply because he is unbelievably on-point. Just the idea that he is at the office on a daily basis is quite mind-blowing. Here is a dude that doesn’t have to work another day in his life, doesn’t owe anybody anything, and was raised in an environment shunned by the corporate world he now controls…something to be said for all this. Good article, very articulate and non-biased towards the whole ‘he was a rapper/crack dealer before this’…which is getting old. Business is business. It makes his line ‘…Fortune 5, top 5 in the Forbes, you’ll see…’ so crazy to listen to again. And we’re still ‘only customers.’