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Forbes: Greatest Art Heists!

I’m such a sucker for this stuff. Really. I’m actually a little late on posting this…meant to do it the other day after that ‘smash-and-grab’ job where those guys stole $130M worth of art by just holding a couple guards at gun point and having a well placed get-away van. Nuts, right? So, truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever stolen anything in my life…just the thought of it makes me feel guilty, ha. But, there is something about the whole idea of stealing art that seems somehow more ‘made-for-movie’ or maybe more of a ‘romantic crime’. Interesting too, Chuck and I have been going back and forth in convo a bit about how stealing art even works. Since its not really ‘tender’ or liquid currency and its not a meltable precious metal…it’s pretty much worthless to the thieves after its been stolen. Maybe ransom, but for the most part I would assume art is never stolen unless a buyer is already lined up. And that’s even more bizarre as it can never really be shown publicly after its been stolen. Apparently there are collectors willing to risk some pretty serious penalties to have a piece of art strictly for themselves to enjoy - and no one else. Right? Interesting stuff. Check our the article below, good stuff.