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Forbes 150 Places to Live Rich

I’m loving this…This is a great resource right here, besides the fact that there is no text-only list, and you have to go through this stupid slideshow method to see each place. But anyways, Forbes has published a list of 150 places to live and get more bang for your buck. I live in a pretty small suburb outside Chicago right now, so it’s definitely affordable but nothing really special about the area. Reading this article and list got me interested in the idea of someday just up and leaving to a place like Oregon or North Dakota or something, living large and comfortably, but not paying even half of what it would cost in say NY or Chicago or LA or wherever. I’ll never move to NY anyways, it’s just way too much for my lifestyle and taste. I love the thought of a smaller, tightly-knit community where you could know most everyone and be very low-key. A few things on this list however do NOT excite me, like the description and picture they gave to Fayetteville, AR. The picture next to it’s description is a photo of Wal-Mart…Sorry, but if the best thing your town has going is Wal-Mart, your town is officially boring and probably has an abundance of overalls and a lack of teeth. Ben’s city is on here, Grand Rapids…and Bloomington, IL is on there which I visit quite often…but then Miami is on there too. So there are good reasons to live in different spots for all different financial and economical reasons, and this list just kind of outlines the details. Oregon and New Mexico look very interesting to me…hmm…The article talks about what they call a ‘Geographic Arbitrageur’ - someone who essentially does what the article talks about. Lives in a smaller city, but gets paid and lives as if they were in big city life. YA RLY.