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Flight of the Conchords!!!

“I can’t believe I’m sharing a kabab with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a kabab.” Ha… Jemaine and Bret’s act/characters/whatever it is they are doing on their HBO series Flight of the Conchords are funny enough to keep me watching after Entourage is over on Sunday nights…It’s one of those shows where you ask all your friends “hey have you seen this show yet!?” and then you watch an episode with them sitting there hoping to God they will find it as funny as you, much like I’m hoping Ben and Virgil will find it funny as I am posting this…this is the kind of thing I could get an email from Ben about that would be like “eh…I like Cedric the Entertainer more.” And I’ll be like “Oh…” So anyways, just go to HBO’s Flight of the Conchords site to watch full episodes. Two awkward dudes in NYC from New Zealand and their overzealous manager Murray…Ha. Watch the 4th episode on that HBO site and tell me Murray isn’t one of the funniest characters you’ve ever seen. When I see him on the show it’s almost like when Kramer entered the room on Seinfeld. You knew he was going to say something embarrasing, awkward, or dumb…Anyways… Check it out. Make sure to check out the “If You’re Into It” video on HBO…