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Bet you ain’t know I had a fake arm! Of course..of course I’m going to post about the new Ghost album. I mean, come on, every arty-emo-kid-turned-downtown-scenester-type pledges their allegiance to Ghost…to the point where its almost corny. Anyway, enough of the low-key snaps… This album really is pretty wild. No it’s not Supreme Clientele…but if this album just happened to be the first Ghost album you ever heard…you would be ‘bugging’ as the kids say. Favorite tracks: The Champ, Beauty Jackson, Barbershop, Underwater, Jellyfish…and all the pre-release stuff too you know. Seriously, this some classic Ghostface. Classic, like…it gets better with more listens. But yeah, of course the question is always if it can got platinum, etc… I don’t know, I hope so…I hope it’s huge, I really do…but it’s still a bit abstract for the whole MTV setup…and it will certainly be heavily bootlegged. Speaking of bootlegging, when the hell are these artist going to just skip regular CDs and release on iTunes only? They would skip all the bootlegging thing…right?! So I didn’t even talk about the album that much, but Ghost is perfectly ‘out-there’ and is true artist…top 3. And yo, how weird is that ‘Heart Street’ skit…ha?!