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Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

Fiona Apple is gangster. I really like her music…80% of it. She is refreshing right now, truly a different artist with a talent for conveying emotion with her voice like no other artist I have listened to in a while…but then again I have 3-6 Mafia on my iPod. So yeah, her new album ‘Extraordinary Machine’ dropped today. I haven’t listened to all of it yet. I’d go with ‘O Sailor’ as my favorite right now, man, I love her voice. Weird thing, I know a bootleg of this album dropped a while back…what happened to the song ‘Red Red Red’?! The version I have is just nuts! Like some classic James Bond opening-theme song but with Fiona Apple. In fact, she’d be a great villain in a Bond movie. Anyway, get this album. Did anyone read the latest Interview Magazine where she interviewed Kanye? She was talking about College Dropout like it just came out…ha. What else, I think that’s it…oh yeah, the video for ‘Criminal’ is one of the best videos ever. THE BRILLIANCE! loves Fiona Apple.