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Find Space and Sell!

So across the street from my apartment there is this vacant lot right under the Blue line train. During the week it looks just like any other vacant lot except its got banners branding it as ‘The Lot’ a streetmarket outlet for Chicago’s creative community. I like the sounds of that. On the weekends different vendors inhabit the space each week trying to recoup their $325 fee. It’s a mix of random art hipster stuff…t-shirts, skateboards, records and collectibles curated by the two founders. I like this concept a LOT…its nothing crazy new either (remember Vacant?) but so simple and tons of possibilities to make them very unique for low key vacant spots around the world. Actually, visit any 3rd world country and the space between cars is a place to make money…but there is so much under used space in 1st world cities its just refreshing to see people take advantage of it. So show some love to your local starving artist or start one of these up.