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Fernanda Cohen!!

We get a lot of emails from people submitting their sites or news but truth be told, we are both very picky about what we choose to post. 90% of the time we post about things we find on our own. However, on occasion, we get a gem of a submission and have to post it. Ben and I both felt that Fernanda Cohen’s work was deserving of a post and are also considering doing an interview with her. We love her work. As an artist myself, I can’t say enough how refreshing it is to see something different, original, and just fresh. Fernanda is definitely doing her thing in every sense of the phrase. The illustration style is her own - I have not seen many others do work quite as nice as hers. Check out the stuff for Target and Flavorpill specifically! And doing windows for stores in Times Square is nothing short of major. The ‘Personal’ section is full of beautiful pieces too. I’m rather speechless, I just really love her work. Much respect to you Fernanda - you’ve got some new fans here at The Brilliance.