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Feel Good Architecture!

Rural Studio is a architecturally progressive Habitat for Humanity. It’s an extension of Auburn University College of Architecture and has been changing lives through architecture since 1993. Some of the most impoverished areas in the United States are in the rural south. Samuel Mockabee started rural studio to resolve the needs of people and communities through the educational benefits of having students not only design, but build. I can’t tell you how hard it is to get a design/build project like this off the ground. You would think helping people repair their livelihood would be easy. They do the coolest houses and the swankiest community buildings all in the middle of “nowhere”. They complete about 5 projects a year with progressive sustainable design, donated materials, and student manpower. Real architecture for under $20,000 is borderline crazy! The most of the amazing photographs I have seen were from lectures and what not but their website explains the important stuff, the stories behind the people. For your photo fix I am sending you to Flicker. Imagine if they had some Extreme Home Makeover money…