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Fast Company says: Grand Rapids is America’s greenest city!

Ah, another win for my favorite little-big-city. I’m pretty into this. So yeah, when you think of Michigan, and you’re not from here, you probably think of Detroit, a failing auto industry, manufacturing plants, and all things associated with these…none of which are green in the least, you know? While the state has some work yet to do, and a rocky re-organization of core-industry, we do have something going for us and Fast Company gave us the nod: Grand Rapids! We started really getting attention for our focus on sustainability and general ‘greeness’ with the new art museum we’ve got downtown. Speaking of which, I was just there catching the Richard Avedon exhibit - epic. Anyway, I just wanted to tout my city yet again here on THE BRILLIANCE…Grand Rapids is pretty fantastic. Check the article below.