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Fashion Week Standouts!!

So its fashion week. Kinda of a big deal if you are into what the heavyweight fashion houses thrives on. THE BRILLIANCE has steadily been vouching for Y-3 for good reason, they are on a different playing field. When your constantly searching for what is ‘next’ a light bulb goes off when that moment happens. For me it was reading this review of the Y-3 show last night. First of Y-3 is a real deal collaboration…Adidas & Yoshi Yamamoto are both bringing something to the table and the end results are pushing the envelope of design and presentation…this is streetwear for the fashion minded. Talk about presentation, who skips the Bryant Park tents for a neon lit floating barge on the Hudson. Another nice take on proper presentation came from Trovata. Instead of doing the traditional runway bit, they just had a party with music and margaritas, and let the clothes take center stage. I really dig this brand because of their beach bum/urban vibe. It feels very homegrown and their pieces are detailed to perfection without being boring.