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Farm21! Contemporary rural art!!

I love this. I love it a lot. I am a suburbs kid. Never have lived inside a city or urban area. I’m not far from Chicago, but I don’t live there. So after a while, I can only relate to ‘urban’ design and products so much. So it’s kind of cool to find someone marketing ‘rural’ design, since I live within 2 minutes of miles and miles worth of cornfields. Farm21 started in 2001 to create rural-themed furniture and art, and according to their info page, they did it because they felt that it was an area of modern design that was being neglected. I agree. I think it’s genius to focus on the other end of the spectrum like they’re doing. They’re signature item is the straw-packed plexiglas cube, which is really fresh…the bulk of the organic material they use for their products are sourced in their families’ farm in Ireland. I love it, the natural heritage in the concept really adds to it as a whole. Just go check it out. Got to appreciate fresh ideas like this. Also, tons of stuff on the site, so it’s a good look-through. OK…so I just went back and looked through their site more. HOLY SMOKES. The ‘Feather Cube’ and the ‘Roses Cube’ !?!?! LIKE WHOA. Seriously, these guys get my A+ and gold star for the day. Gorgeous. I will get something from them soon.