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Farm 21 Sale!!

I just posted about Farm 21 about a week or two ago. We usually stay away from posting about the same thing twice, but this is an exception. Farm21 is having a sale on a ton of stuff. Their lamps are marked down from $350 to $105 for example (for select pieces) resin lamps marked down, large and mini straw/moss/cork/white rose filled cubes are marked down, for example for the moss cube, from $800 to $280! Pretty good. You could really design an entire space around one of these cubes. I love them. Also, their lichen box-top lucite coffee table is marked down from $2,300 to $980! Pretty good if you are on the market for a beautiful piece. Anyways, what’s up to Sasha at Farm21. Thanks for the heads up on this. Get over there and by yourself that cork filled box you wanted for Christmas.