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Explore the Abyss!

I know Ben and I both are always talking about stuff like this…deep sea life, or stuff in space, NASA stuff, galaxies, Captain Planet, Aquaman…you know. Anyways, this is just one of those cool things I felt like posting because it’s really just incredible to me. Explore The Abyss, maybe you’ve seen it before, is just this site dedicated to deep-sea and oceanic life. You need to go there and just start looking through the photography gallery. It’s nuts…The octopus in the image you see to the right is one of the craziest looking things…check out the Bioluminescence section…check out this dude! Damn! Don’t want to make him mad, he’ll rip your lips straight off your face if you aren’t careful. I love stuff like this, I think, because it’s something that is so foreign and so mysterious. Just imagine the kinds of things that haven’t been found yet, you know? Probably hundreds of thousands more undiscovered species of crazy Trillfish and Octopizzles. Probably!