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"Everything is important" – Singer Porsche 911!

Kind of surprised I never made a post about this company in the past. It's 100% "the brilliance" in its perfect contrast of classic, absurd, and painful attention to detail. The quick hot-take: They take an older Porsche 911, specific focus on the 964 air-cooled years, and restore and re-tailor it with an almost comical attention to detail. Thats the hot-take...but the reality is that they've effectively re-engineered, re-designed, and completely rebuilt you a brand new 911 by the time you've finished PayPaling the $500-800K it costs to have them do one for you. Best thing is the level of taste they do all this with. Usually a modified car with a price tag as such is incredibly corny and obnoxious...contrast, these somehow magically blend the old with the very new without any unneeded nostalgia. They look like they've always existed. The updated carbon fiber body, the trim on the lights, the paint jobs, the perfectly referenced wheels, the interiors (!!!), the subtle use of matte carbon fiber, etc...everything, everything. This quote from their founder, Rob Dickinson, maybe best sums its up:

" we build a brand synonymous with understanding, re-evaluating and re-presenting iconic industrial design to a new audience."

Funny thing is...for me, I don't really aspire to own one, its not my style. I'm more just happy they exist...that the founder is able to indulge into the minutia at that level and find a consumer for it. I've even heard him joke that he can't afford his own cars. All said, google around, check them out, etc...but this short video with Chris Harris probably best shows the story, etc. ****Actually, if they could do a 2012 911 GTS conversion to electric...hmmm, maybe, ha.