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Eternal Denim, Yes, Another Japanese Denim Co.

Another denim brand. For whatever reason I find this one to be considerably more inspired. I’m feeling the cut and wash of this particular one (check the link)… The Eternal 811 that, thanks to Google’s translator, is a 9 month wear with 7 washes style. And after doing some other research it looks they are using Japanese Selvage denim. Nice contrast with the fading. I know there are tons of people that thing jeans should ‘wear-in’ on there own… I have NEVER had a pair of jeans get that worn out while wearing them over time… Possibly because the only ‘intensive’ activity I engage in is taking the elevator in my building from the 2nd to the 1st floor and then walking about 20-30 feet to my car. Wow. Either way… I don’t know where to buy a pair of these. But I need a pair.