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Eric Quebral & Chuck Anderson exhibition!

It’s weird referring to myself as Chuck Anderson instead of “me” or “I” but a post title of “Eric Quebral and me exhibition!” doesn’t flow right. Anyways - if you haven’t seen Eric’s work around, you’re missing out big time. He does incredible work using wood as the medium. Check an interview with Eric out on Dopefiend. Anyways - Eric and myself (NoPattern) will be in an exhibition together in Toronto at Magic Pony. It opens April 14th and runs through the 23rd. The reception will be on the 23rd and both Eric and I will be there for it. The show is called WOODCHUCK…if you can’t figure out why…let me tell you. Eric works with wood and my name is Chuck = woodchuck, smart guy. The show reception is in the same timeframe as FITC which is a crazy design conference up in Toronto. All this to say you should check out both the exhibit and FITC if you can…This post is a wrap!