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Entire KAWS Chum collection!

This is the first time I have ever seen anybody sell an entire collection of KAWS Chums on eBay. They usually end at aboue $300-$400 a piece, if not more…So - this whole collection? 4 days and 15 hours left as of this posting and the 6 toys are already at $1,219.44 with 12 bids. I can’t even make a guess what they’ll end at. No doubt closer to $2,000. Yellow, clear, pink, white, black, and a rare Michelin Man figure which is what the Chums were inspired by are for sale. If you’re a collector but missed out on the Chums when they came out, this is a great opportunity, however, you’ll put a nice dent in the wallet for these. The black one is signed as well. Crazy…One word: investment.