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eBay Pop!

Where was this when eBay was a steady hustle for me? I love this. eBay Pop, its like the NASDAQ composite for items on eBay. The movers-and-shakers if you will. This is, again, reinstating the fact that eBay has truly changed commerce throughout the world. And yo, does the IRS audited PayPal accounts?!?! Seriously, think about it. Anyway – this is a great little service. As I mentioned, back when I sold stuff on eBay all the time this would have changed everything. One thing to think about – its going to basically tell all the bootleggers EXACTLY what to knock-off you know? Whatever the market is demanding. Not that is was hard for them to find out before – but now there is like an actual ‘index’ for it. Pretty unreal. So check it out…buy a wholesale lot of cell phone antenna signal-boosters, sell them in singles…you’ll be BAAAALLLLIINNNNNNN!! Ha, maybe not.