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Earnest Sewn, the switch-up!

Alright, alright…I went back to ‘designer’ jeans. If you’ve read our site, or any of our interviews you know I always spout off about how much I love Levis. Good old 501s. I love the whole Japanese LVC line, seriously…nothing compares. But when they make it damn-near impossible to get them, discontinue most styles, and make the sizing difficult to figure out…it gets a bit pointless. All this, and I just received a pair of ‘Red Loop’ Levis 505s in the mail…that looked awesome in the pic, but fit terribly. Just not good at all. So whatever, money lost I guess (got them on ebay). So I switched it up…I had seen these amazing, literally, all selvedge jeans from Earnest Sewn at my local spot AK Rikks a while back and was really impressed with the craftsmanship. But I’m all about heritage you know, keeping it classic. So I passed. But after all my fiascos with trying to get the ‘good’ Levis I gave up. My 1944 LVCs are certainly getting worn and it was time for something different. So after a bunch of research on the Earnest Sewn site I went and bought the ‘all selvedge’ Filson cut at lunch today. Good stuff. This post was mad ‘metrosexual’…ha, I can’t believe I just typed that. Whatever, I need some bullet-proof jeans I can wear every single day for months…so I take my jeans seriously you know? Check the Earnest Sewn site…specifically the whole ‘process’ section. American Made.