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Dream Hotel – NYC!

Just stayed there for 3 nights this past weekend for Semi-Permanent 05… I’d have to say, not to be rude, but I wasn’t expecting all that much. These NYC hotels spend crazy money on their lobby’s and bar’s but nothing on the rooms which are often way too small – Hudson. Dream was different…check in was smooth, the two-floor tubular coral fish-tank is just crazy, the huge back-lit murals on each floor are a very nice touch, the room treatments are great – the floor-lighting, the flat-screens, lit desk, great bathrooms with the dual shower-head, what else…the apples on your pillow at night are an interesting touch. Also…the lobby has some weird decoration vibes. Seems like they are trying to have random objects and themes similar to how dreams always have weird juxtapositions and all that. The concierge dude was classic…kind of rude, but helpful I suppose, you could tell he was all about having a job where he can be a condescending New Yorker…funny stuff. I would recommend staying here, the rooms are huge, I like that. If you stay in 201 you can jump from the big dresser all the way onto the bed…but I think we broke the one bed closest to the door doing this. Ha. ***Calling themselves ‘Hautel Couture’ is unbelievably corny, sorry.