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Dov Charney sells American Apparel!

An interesting move…no? I mean, yes – almost every business owner has a number they will sell their business for, in this case it was around $260M. And acquisitions can be great for a brand. But I just didn’t really see Mr. Dov selling his company…he seems so ingrained in it, part of his whole personality. He’ll stay CEO, but from what I understand he is quite the entrepreneur – so what’s next? I heard there is mad money in the internet these days – if you can make a site where people can share photos or talk to each other you’ll be rich!!! Ha. Either way, congrats to Dov…fun fact for our readers, he was one of the first people we were going to interview. Had a phone call with him and everything…didn’t pan out. It’s okay, I still love their nylon track jackets and new striped tees.