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Dov Charney, Americas last business weirdo-eccentric?!

I mean, I honestly feel like this is the first HOUR long video/interview I’ve watched this intensely since the Walt Mossberg & Steve Jobs interviews. I don’t know, maybe a Karl Lagerfeld one in there somewhere too. Either way - this is kind of a must watch. Dov is this fascinating character - he’s every hipster in one. He’s every kid at the “cool guy” dive bar, every kid riding a fixed gear, every kid on tumblr, every kid in Echo Park/Brooklyn/Portland/Oakland/Austin/etc, every kid that’s trying to “do it different”, every cliche about any scene kid. But he has this slight shift in his DNA that has allowed him to be both extremely capitalist and socialist at the same time. Kind of…I think. He’s so unwavering in doing exactly what he wants, controlling everything, and making it financially sustainable - as a FOR PROFIT business. I suppose thats why I love listening to him. For as weird he is, all the bad press, etc, he’s kind of the last business weidro-eccentric we have here in the US. Maybe him and Elon Musk? I just love dudes like him - no MBA - just straight up passion and attention to detail and quite obviously from this interview, a deep care for humanity. So yeah, waste an hour on this for sure and watch him somehow braid being capitalist, socialist, left-wing, right-wing, all into one interesting and sometimes confusing ethos. ***Fun fact, Dov Charney was actually going to be one of our first interviews when we first launched the site. He replied to my email with his personal cell - crazy. Ended up not working out, but I always dug that he handled stuff like that - or at least saw our vision. Thanks to @adesholamakinde for forwarding this to me.

***Dudes pants from Vice are like, wowzers, wetsuit/scuba-diving Spring/Summer 2013.