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Double whammy: Osaka Loop Line track & Picaresque film!

Double whammy, two posts for the price of one. We’ve got it for cheap here on the net. So, my friend Kevin sends me the link to this new film/documentary about long boarding that his friend is working on called ‘Picaresque’. I’ve always had this thing with surfing, in fact, I used to be almost obsessed with it - had a subscription to Surfer Magazine as a youngster even though I lived in South Chicago-land. Just loved the concept of an idyllic surf life on the beach. I actually got to live it out a little bit while in Maui a couple years ago - surfed for my first time ever, so fun, fell in love with it. So yeah, this documentary paints that picture so well it seems…has those warm summer tones of color to it, really well shot, classic looking surf flick in the making. And…and, the music that goes along with it is just…the absolute perfect fit. A track called Osaka Loop Line by Discovery. Officially my new favorite song this week, ha. If I had access to my muxtape it’d already be on there. Yeah, check out both the film as well as the song that goes along with it. A bit of a match made in heaven I think.